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In this computer age we do get much software that does routine office tasks. We also get specialized software for some typical automation which, again, is repetitive in many offices. Some software can be customized for particular needs, like Accounting, Billing, and other administrative work. We at Giixa Infotech have started our business from custom software development in Lucknow and have carved a niche for ourselves. In fact our expertise in this field has helped us carve a niche for ourselves in Mobile App Development in gurugram and we have always passed in flying colours.

Many companies have certain tasks where no software exists but they need to computerize. It can be any field right from robotics to testing and this needs coding from the zero level onwards.

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As a reputed service based IT Company, we always deliver the valuable services and products to enhance the value of our customer such as the whole business computerization or an Enterprise Resource Planning System which surely creates the value for the business as a whole. The World Wide Web or Internet for short, has become a major delivery platform for web development a variety of complex and sophisticated enterprise applications in several domains you can think of. In addition to their wholly inherent multifaceted functionality, these web applications exhibit complex behavior and place some unique demands on their usability, performance, security and ability to grow and evolve. However, a vast majority of these applications need to be customized before they can be used for any specific purpose. Needless to say, Giixa Infotech has mastered the art and we can share it with all our clients.


A typical human resource management system (HRMS) refers to the systems and processes at the intersection between the human resource management (HRM) and information technology (IT). It always merges HRM as a discipline and in particular its basic HR activities and processes with the information technology field, whereas the whole programming of data processing systems is evolved into standardized routines.The function of human resources (HR) departments is generally administrative and common to all organizations. Organizations may have formalized selection, evaluation, and payroll processes. The HRMS Software function consists of tracking existing modules and integrating the various processes into one and again, we have the requisite expertise. For more info please contact us. To us IT means Intelligent Technology and we strive to make it more meaningful.

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Software deveploment Lifecycle

We employ best practices and development methodologies for building effective enterprise software development process and solutions in a structured and systematic way.

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  • Testing
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