Giixa Infotech
Web Design & Digital Marketing Agency


The purpose of this contract is to define the terms and conditions and the terms under which Giixa Infotech provides the services to the clients. Upon validation of his order, in the form of a signature or a mail worth Good for Accord, the client declares to accept without reserve the terms of the said order as well as the whole of the general conditions of services.


The company Giixa Infotech makes available to the client its competences in terms of web development, web promotion, social media and graphic design. The service includes all that is explicitly listed; any service not included in this proposal will be the subject of a free supplementary estimate.


Giixa Infotech determines the price of its services in agreement with the customer when drawing up the estimate. The price is always expressed in Rupees including tax. The customer agrees to pay 30% of the price at the signature of the contract and the balance on delivery. Payment can be made by check or wire transfer. The customer agrees to pay the requested services within 15 days of receipt of the invoice.


Any late payment, starting from the 31st day after receipt of the invoice, will give rise to penalties for delay which are due without any recall being necessary. These penalties are calculated on the invoiced amount of the invoice, the predicted interest rate being not less than three times the legal interest rate, i.e. for 2010 3×0.65% = 1.95%. Thus the customer will pay a compensation of 1.95% per month of delay.


The delivery times for services made by Giixa Infotech are given for information purposes only. Giixa Infotech shall not be liable for any delays. The customer can not avail himself of any delay in delivery to terminate the contract or claim damages.


Until the client pays the entire invoice, any object of this service remains the property of the company Giixa Infotech. As a result, the client becomes the owner of the services delivered once payment of the final invoice is made. However, even if several copies of visuals or names have been presented to him, the client can only be the owner of the one validated by his order, the others remaining the property of the company Giixa Infotech.

By becoming the owner, the client fully recognizes and assumes full responsibility for the artistic choices, textual and visual content included in the services made by Giixa Infotech.

Giixa Infotech disclaims all liability for the content published by the customer on its website, whether in terms of text, image or video.

Regarding the texts provided by the client, these must be re-read and corrected by the client, Giixa Infotech will not modify or correct spelling.


Giixa Infotech shall not be liable for any delay in performance due to force majeure, in particular in the event of illness, strike, accident, fire, water damage, flooding, earthquakes, Theft of material, bombing, accident or any other non-avoidable external or imputable cause or circumstance preventing Giixa Infotech from fulfilling its obligations.


The customer is entitled to unilaterally terminate the agreement by paying an indemnity fixed at 30% of the amount of the order excluding VAT. In case of cancellation of the contract, the logos, graphics developed for the client remain the property of the agency Giixa Infotech.